WoodfordWoodford Model MB221 MB224 MB226 Modular Box
Woodford Model MB226




Water leaks from the nozzle when faucet is off.

Valve seat rubber (30008) is worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced or the seat rubber screw is loose. Follow instructions below on how to remove the operating stem. If this does not fix the leak, the faucet may have a damaged seat and the faucet will need to be replaced.


Packing leak. Faucet leaks from around the operating stem when the faucet is on.

The packing nut will occasionally need to be tightened to stop a packing leak. Tighten the packing nut behind the handle until snug and the leak stops. Persistent leaks will require a new packing ring (30247).


Faucet will not flow water when the faucet is on.

The vacuum breaker may be obstructed or damaged. Remove the vacuum breaker and check to see if the faucet flows water with the vacuum breaker removed. Inspect the vacuum breaker for obstruction or damage.


Operating stem removal.

To remove the operating stem from the faucet, shut off the water supply and remove the handle and packing nut. Use the handle to turn the stem counterclockwise until the stem becomes disengaged from the threads. Use a small screwdriver to pry the packing loose. Pull the stem out of the faucet.