MODEL 71/74/75/76/79/81/84/86 WALL HYDRANTS



Water leaks from the nozzle when faucet is off.

Valve seat rubber (55105) is worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced. Follow instructions below on how to remove the valve assembly.

bullet Packing leak. Faucet leaks from around the operating stem when the faucet is on.

The packing nut will occasionally need to be tightened to stop a packing leak. Loosen lock nut holding down head nut cover. Tighten the packing nut until snug and the leak stops. Persistent leaks will require a new packing ring (30247).

bullet Faucet will not flow water when the faucet is on.

The vacuum breaker may be obstructed or damaged. Remove the vacuum breaker and check to see if the faucet flows water with the vacuum breaker removed. Inspect the vacuum breaker for obstruction or damage.

bullet Valve assembly removal.

To remove the valve assembly from the hydrant, shut off the water supply to the hydrant and remove the packing nut. Turn the stem clockwise until it is seated, but not overly tight. Loosen and turn the head nut assembly counterclockwise while turning the operating stem clockwise until the threads disengage from the head casting. The valve assembly will pull out with head nut.

To reinstall the valve assembly, unthread the valve assembly from the head nut assembly and push the valve assembly into the hydrant. The wing on the yoke nut goes in the groove inside the head. Start the stem screw thread into the yoke nut and turn the stem counterclockwise until it the head nut threads can be engaged in the head. Thread the head nut assembly into the head clockwise while turning the operating stem counterclockwise. Reinstall the packing nut.