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What Causes An Outdoor Faucet Tube to Burst?

Model 17 Outdoor Faucet Repair Kit Installation

Outdoor Faucet Model 19 Installation Instructions

Outdoor Replacement Faucet Handle Installation

Vacuum Breaker Repair or Replacement Installation

Oversized Flange

Mounting Sleeve

Adjustable Operating Rod

Model 22 with Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Drywall Mounting Plate

Outdoor Faucet Adjustable Rod Kit Installation

What is a Woodford Pressure Relief Valve?

Model 19 Anti-Rupture with Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Outdoor Model 25 Repair Kit Installation

Upgradeable Faucets to the PRV

Vandal Resistant Stem Lock

Model 24/26 Hydrants

Model 65 and 67 Wall Hydrants

Model 68 Wall Hydrant

Model 60, 65 and 67 How-To Repair Kits

Y34 IOWA Yard Hydrant Repair

Y34 Yard Hydrant - Adjust Linkage

Y34 Yard Hydrant

Roof Hydrants