Commercial Roof Hydrants


Freezeless Roof Hydrants are designed to facilitate a secure, exterior water source installation on commercial roof surfaces. The hydrant is installed through the roof and plumbed to the non-freezing interior water source. The hydrant is supported by a heavy duty cast iron (MS) Mounting System. All necessary mounting hardware for proper installation on a commercial roof is supplied, including a 2 degree shim for pitch adjustment. Roof Hydrants are specified for washing condenser coils, windows, cooling towers, green roofs and other types of roof top equipment.

Choose from 4 specific models.

  • Order a complete Hydrant and Mounting System package or individual Hydrant or Mounting System units.
  • All hydrants are operated by lifting the lever handle or turning a wheel handle.
  • All repairs can be made from the top of the hydrant.
  • The patented RHY1-MS is the most reliable hydrant where backflow protection is not required. An 1/8” NPT drain line must be connected at the tapped valve body to prevent freezing.
  • The patented RHY2-MS features a built-in vent that allows automatic draining when hydrant is shut off, even with a hose and device attached. An 1/8" NPT drain line must be piped from the tapped valve body to a drain location to prevent freezing.
  • The ASSE 1057 SRH-MS Sanitary Roof Hydrant requires NO drain line. With hose removed, a venturi action draws water out of the internal reservoir and discharges through the outlet. The RHMC-MS Mild Climate Roof Hydrant is an excellent choice for areas where freezing weather is not expected. The shut-off valve is located in the hydrant head and is wheel handle operated. The open ended 1” NPT pipe plumbed to the interior water service.
Woodford Freezeless Roof Hydrants