Sanitary Yard Hydrants

Sanitary Yard Hydrants

Freezeless, Low Lead, Sanitary Yard Hydrants are designed to produce immediate water flow in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Specify for use in public areas such as camp grounds and parks or any location where potable water and low lead construction is required
  • Hydrants are completely sealed to prevent ground water from entering the reservoir or service line
  • Diverter spout allows independent water flow when hose is attached to backflow preventer
  • The S4H meets ADA requirements for height and 5 lbs. maximum operating force

The Thermaline®, Low Lead, Sanitary Water Connector is a compact unit especially designed to provide water service to mobile homes in freezing conditions.

  • Ideal wherever a freezeless sanitary tight line installation is needed, such as, waterers for livestock
  • High strength plastic casing is insulated with permanently molded and bonded polyurethane foam
  • 15 watt (110-120v) portable insert heater, which costs about a penny a day to operate even at 50° below zero
  • Wheel handle at surface level shuts off water below the frost line when hydrant is not in use
The Model H34, Low Lead, Sanitary is a non-draining hydrant that features a thermostatically controlled heating element that prevents water in the hydrant from freezing even at temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero.
  • One foot bury depth closed system design
Utility Hydrants
Utility Hydrants

Utility Hydrants are rugged and dependable, unrestricted and high capacity.

  • Designed for use as auxiliary fire fighting hydrants, filling fire-pond reservoirs, main shut-off hydrant for irrigation systems. These hydrants also connect to 3HP contractor pumps where a permanent outlet is required. Choose from Automatic or Manual close handle or Wheel handle models. Outlet connections from 3/4” NPT - 2” NPT.