Mild Climate Wall Faucets

Woodford Mild Climate Wall Faucets

Woodford Mild Climate Wall Fauctes

Choose a close connection Mild Climate wall faucet for non-freezing environments.

Model 101 Residential Wall Faucet

Anti-siphon protection with integral check valve and atmospheric vent are all built-in to make the Model 101 the right choice to meet code and architectural aesthetics.

Model 122 & V122 Hot & Cold Residential Wall Faucet

Provide hot and cold water to wash the car, the windows or the dog. Choose Horizontal or Vertical configuration with anti-siphon protection, integral check valve and atmospheric vent.

Model 30CC Residential Wall Faucet

This Close Coupled version of the freezeless Model 30 fits within a 2 X 4 stud wall and drains automatically with or without an attached hose. Also available with a composite box, door and fascia.

Model 21, 24, 26 Series Commercial Wall Faucets

Choose No Anti-Siphon protection, Single Check Anti-Siphon or Double Check Backflow Protected Models. The 24 & 26 are available as individual units or protected inside lockable brass or lightweight modular box models.

Model MB221, MB224 & MB226 Commercial Wall Faucets

Never enter a building to shut off the water again. A convenient integral water supply stop is designed into the faucet head. A slotted valve stem can be turned with a flat head screwdriver to stop or resume water flow. These units are protected inside a strong, light weight (3.3 lbs) modular box and Stainless Steel Door and Fascia. A ½-14 FPT inlet connection projects through the side of the box.

Model C22CC, B22CC Commercial Hot & Cold

The chrome plated brass head looks great on any commercial building where hot and cold water service is required. This Backflow Protected close coupled faucet is available as an exposed head or chrome plated brass box model.

70 & 80 Series Close Coupled Commercial Wall Hydrants

Loose Tee Key operated rectangular, recessed and flush mounting chrome plated brass heads make these the heavy duty solution. The Model 75 and 79 features a 3/4” FPT 90° X 360° Swivel Inlet that fits inside a 4” wall. Choose single check anti-siphon or double check backflow preventer models. All hydrants are available with rectangular or round brass box and door.

Common Features:Model 24 Stem Lock Model SL-24

  • 3/4” male hose thread nozzle
  • EPDM Packing
  • No lead solder on all solder joints
  • MAX PRESSURE; 125 p.s.i.


Model B26 Model MB26 MB26 Model MB30 Model 30 Model 101 Model 122