Residential Automatic Draining Freezeless Wall Faucets

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Woodford Residental Wall Faucet Auto Draining

Woodford Model 30, 27 & 25 wall faucets automatically drain as the handle is shut off, even if a hose is attached. Faucets are designed to provide year-round outdoor water service regardless of outside temperature. All models are suited for residential and light commercial applications.

The Model 30 is the most versatile faucet in the automatic draining lineup. Add a Modular Box or Mounting Sleeve to solve most installation challenges.

  • Wall thickness: 4” - 24” in 2” increments
  • 3/4” male hose thread nozzle
  • Metal handles - Tee key option available
  • No lead solder on all solder joints
  • Red brass head casting
  • Solid brass operating rod
  • 6 Inlet variations
  • Frost-Free
  • MAX PRESSURE; 125 p.s.i.